Class 6 Word Memoirs

by Nynke Passi


Georgia O’Keeffe

Joanne Taylor:

Busy making memories, not car payments

Catching moments, and making them dance

André Molina:

Nothing is Forever, Time is Something…

Susie Misuraca:

I have no room for the moon

Stephanie Faulkner:

My muse lives in my dreams

My lousy father is my inspiration

Imagination induced memories take me there

My weaknesses shall be my strengths

Just be one with the flow

Rheanne Schlee:

I’m not quiet, you’re just loud

Storing the past, preparing the future

Warren Ottley:

Enduring the dungeon of squandered life

Restrained shackles of fear and doubt

Blind to life, naive to change

Demon of despair, slain by time

Repeated mistakes, fear realized, hidden potential

Seeds of doubt reaps unfulfilled dreams

A hierophant’s wisdom, a joker’s delivery


Georgia O’Keeffe

Justin Whitmer:

  • Lost now found, Broken now fixed.

v  Let My Light Shine Real Bright

  • Without a Wick, Candles are Wax

v  Never Settling, Constantly Searching, Always Growing

  • Needle in Hay, a Blissful Way

v  Painted Blue in a Green World

  • Taught All Wrong, Love Long Gone

v  Lost Way, Led Astray, What’s Love?

  • Love’s Fleeting Gift, Always in Sight

v  Who Knew Life Was So Much?

  • Energy Drinks = Cocaine of the Century

v  Coffee = The Heroine of Colleges Everywhere

  • Wait for the Train. I’ll Fly.

v  Don’t Drive Cars After The Bars

  • Lasting the Ages, Goals Slowly Faded

v  Invigorate my Mind, Liberate my Heart

  • Musical Melodies Run Through My Veins

v  Unimaginable Beauty Lost in the Night

  • Fall for me before I’m gone

v  Left alone. Gave you a pulse.

  • My love. Sitting at the bus-stop.

v  A late arrival isn’t always fashionable.

  • Gift of the day, Given away.

v  Tighten the Grip, Riding this Trip

  • Burdened With Fear You’ll Go Nowhere

v  Lost in Moments Searching for Time

  • Get this : Life can be Bliss

v  Realizing everything was actually always nothing

  • Crazy you, feeling red as blue.

v  Understand it’s part of the plan

  • Here’s to making everyday life changing!

v  Relax. Breathe… Relaxing, Breathing… Relax. Breathe…

  • The Salt. The Sand. Divinely Planned.

v  Cry to me while hurting me.

  • Four Walls. One Door. Two Windows.

v  Lost in Moments Searching for Time


Georgia O’Keeffe

Andrew Galbreath:

On a path wild world ahead

Eva St. Denis:

It’s simple, say I love you.

Standing naked, trying to accept me.

They said broken, so I became.

Trying to acquaint soul with body.

I was told, there’d be cookies.

Hannah Russ Smith:

Thinking too much can be tormenting.
Poetic longing, I love my melancholy.
A steadily deepening hope for home.
The need for lightness all around.
Hunger for clarity, surrender to questioning.
Smooth flow, awkwardly swerving sideways.
I’m never quiet, on the inside.
My grace is rooted in pace.
My pace is rooted in grace.
A fluctuation of the space-time continuum.
Unidentified, undirected, unapologetic in my journey.
In dire need of divine intervention.
Please, stay out of my space.
Juicy pineapple with a spikey peel.
Luxury, warmth, snuggling and eye gazing.
Pen to paper, relax, and enjoy.
Reluctantly transcending self-neglecting ancestry; big work.
Sampling extremes while anchored to center.
Ever-blossoming, inward, outward, inspite of myself.
Staring off into space, with purpose.
See, feel, speak, rinse and repeat.
These six words are profoundly sufficient.


Georgia O’Keeffe