The Last Week

by Nynke Passi



Here the information I sent you per e-mail about your last week of class:


  • You have Monday PM, all of Tuesday, plus Wed. AM to finish your writing/reading work.
  • On Tuesday evening, there will be a peer workshop in Argiro, probably after dinner. Details will follow to those who have expressed interest. If you want to participate and did not say so in class, let me know.
  • On Wednesday PM, we have a mandatory check in. I will count you absent if you don’t come. This is just to finalize and clarify all requirements, do the last presentations, and make sure everyone is fully on track!
  • On Thursday we have an all day sharing/celebration with our class. Please bring snacks so we can make it a fun day. We will finish when everyone has had a turn.
  • If you have any questions re. the schedule, let me know asap. Your schedule handout is the same as the schedule above.


  • Do I have to hand in drafts with my portfolio? Answer: Not the drafts I’ve already seen, but do give a sampling of your other drafts so I can see your process. You can do “save as” to keep track of some earlier drafts. This is useful anyway, because sometimes an earlier draft actually ends up working better, so keeping some record helps.
  • Where do I put drafts in my final portfolio? Answer: At the end. You submit your portfolio in one document (electronically or hard copy) and the drafts can follow the portfolio (at least a sampling of them).
  • Can I submit electronically at the end of class? Answer: Yes you can. Then put “Final Portfolio” in the title of the email and collect your entire work in one file, which you send me. Please send in Microsoft Word if you can, so I can more easily read. Some text files are somewhat garbled once I receive them. Keep the portfolio together so I don’t end up with piles of files by each student. And PUT YOUR NAME ON IT. Also title your pieces. You can submit drafts at the end of your portfolio file OR separately. Title your file “final portfolio” followed by your name. I don’t want nameless documents, which can get confusing.
  • Can I submit a handwritten portfolio? Answer: No. It’s sometimes tricky to read handwriting. I’d like you all to type in your work so that I can easily read. This will help me take in your projects. If anyone has further questions on this point, please contact me.
  • How do I submit a hard copy portfolio? Answer: Put your portfolio work in a binder of some sort. Double space. Use about .12 point font, no bigger. Not too much smaller either, though in some fonts .11 is OK. Put your name on it, give each piece a title, add drafts at the end. Number the pages. Present neatly.
  • Can I submit reading list and journal evaluation electronically? Answer: ONLY if you put them in ONE file together, separate from your portfolio file, but attached to the same email. Put your name on them, otherwise they don’t count. I don’t want to end up with too many random nameless files I can’t place.
  • How do I write up my journal evaluation? Answer: Write up a self-evaluation. It can be in bullet points. Keep it simple. Write down how many pages you wrote approximately, how often you wrote, how long you wrote in your journal, what types of prompts you used (no need to record each prompt or recap each writing session though! Keep it brief.) Then describe the aha-moments, what you learned, what you struggled with, what you noticed and how you grew. Keep it at about one page in length, but be specific in your commentary. Include also how it was to interact between Muse Box and journal and portfolio pieces. Evaluate for yourself how you feel you did with these projects: Could you have done more? Did you go all out? Describe. If you did extra research or work, be sure to make note of it.
  • How do I write up my reading list? Answer: If you do an alternate reading, briefly present in class for credit (book or Syllabus Reader materials). Write up a list of all of relevant readings you did during this course. Then write a self-evaluation: What were your favorite readings and why, your least favorite readings and why (keep it brief) and what did you learn from the readings that was most important? Could you have read more? How much time did you spend on readings approximately? If you went to IC readings, include this information with your reading list. If you did other relevant extra work, be sure to mention it.
  • How do I document my Muse box? Answer: Just take a picture of it or describe it and describe how it related to your journal and your portfolio in your creative explorations (include with Journal evaluation).
  • Any further questions, please ask!